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Kilkenny Arts Festival 2016


Kilkenny Arts Festival 2016

5th to 14th August

A world of artistic magic in Ireland’s medieval city

42 years ago Kilkenny Arts Festival was founded originally by a group of classical music enthusiasts. In recent years the festival has broadened its programming remit and now programmes the following art forms; Theatre & Dance, Classical Music, Music, Street, Literature, Visual Art and Craft. Underpinning the presentation of events is the commitment to bring work to Kilkenny that would not be seen outside the festival context, and a desire to commission and produce new work from Ireland and abroad.

Much ado about nothing

The Kilkenny Arts Festival is committed to the presentation of a unique, distinctive and inspiring programme in a range of artistic disciplines to as wide an audience as possible. Every year, for 10 days in August, Kilkenny comes alive with a feast of artistic entertainment for all. The city’s oldest and largest non-profit festival now draws more than 45,000 visitors annually who come and partake in all that Kilkenny has to offer.

So come to Kilkenny, be part of the festival and experience the Arts in a way you will never forget!

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